How do I use the Two-Factor Authentication for Canadian Cloud Hosting Client Portal?


A Step-by-step guide on how to use the “Two-Factor Authentication” for Canadian Cloud Hosting:

NOTE: Send a ticket with the subject "Two-Factor Authentication Request" if you would like this feature enabled.

1. After the usual login with your email address and password, there will be a welcome screen asking you to setup “Two-Factor Authentication”. Once you click on “Start Setup”, there will be three authentication methods: Mobile, Tablet or Landline.

2. After choosing the desired authentication option, you will be asked to select your country and to enter your phone number. Use the number of your smartphone, landline, or cell phone that you'll have with you when you're logging in.

You can also enter an extension if you chose "Landline" in the previous step. Then, double-check that you have entered it correctly, check the box, and click "Continue".

3. With the Mobile phone option, there will be few extra steps. Choose the operating system that your phone runs and search for "Duo Mobile" in the respective app store. 

Activating the application will link it to your account so you can use it for authentication. On an iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, or a BlackBerry 10 phone, activate Duo Mobile by scanning the barcode with the built-in barcode scanner. Choose your platform for specific instructions, the "Continue" button will be clickable after you scan the barcode.

There are three options to activate the login on your mobile phone:

  • Duo Push: pushes a login request to your phone (if you have Duo Mobile installed and activated on your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device). Just review the request and tap "Approve" to log in.
  • Phone call: authenticate via phone call back. Press any number after answering the call.
  • Passcode: Log in using a passcode, either generated with Duo Mobile, sent via SMS, generated by your hardware token, or provided by an administrator. Click "Send SMS passcodes" to get a new batch of passcodes.

Please note that the Duo Mobile application will run on your phone and will help you with the authentication process. Without it, you'll still be able to log in using a phone call or text message, but it is recommended that you use the mobile app to authenticate quickly and easily.

We have noticed that some users are getting a blank page after logging in. If that is the case, please remove /hbchat/ from the browser URL and hit enter.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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